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Thank you

Thank you for participating in Numbers Executive’s Funds Management Remuneration Study survey! Your time investment is greatly appreciated.

We are currently in the data accumulation phase and look forward to sharing our report’s output with you once we have reached an appropriate sample size across each category.

Socialise / share this study to expedite its publication

To reach the sample size as soon as possible, please feel free to share our questionnaire with your network by copying the following link:  Numbers Executive Funds Management Remuneration Study

Should you have any queries or suggestions about this survey, please contact us 

Regards, the team @Numbers Executive

Feel free to share this survey

Numbers Executive Recruitment is conducting a confidential, Australia-wide survey to understand the current state of remuneration, incentives, and market sentiment within the institutional investment landscape. This study specifically focuses on individuals working in front-office roles at institutional funds and investment managers.