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2023 Corporate Development & Group Corporate Finance Remuneration Study

Hello and thanks for investing your time to participate in Numbers Executive’s Corporate Development & Group Corporate Finance Remuneration and Sentiment study.

Numbers Executive is conducting a confidential, Australia-wide remuneration survey, specifically targeted to individuals working in the Group M&A, Corporate Development and Group Corporate Finance verticals.  Our aim is to provide a market snapshot of these small, specialist teams that often require individuals who bring a variety of skills – bridging corporate finance, accounting, commercial, strategy and project management which are often overlooked from a salary benchmarking perspective.

Once an acceptable sample size is reached all participants will receive a copy of our remuneration report and insights, providing you with an up-to-date market benchmark.

Individuals’ names, companies etc. are treated with strict confidence and will not be published nor provided to any third party and will be used to verify the participant’s validity in the survey.  

Frequently asked questions :

Q. Why do I need to provide personal information?

A. Personal information is collected to verify participants are from the relevant vertical, jurisdiction and most importantly, in order to provide you with the output on completion.  Personal details / Company details will remain anonymous in all output.

Q. Should I complete this as an individual or on behalf of my company?

A. Complete this survey as an individual, based on your current level and your specific remit.

Q. Who should complete this survey? 

A. Professionals currently working in Australia in a corporate entity who support M&A or Group Corporate Finance activities.

Q. Who should NOT complete this survey? 

A. If you’re working in an investment banking (or advisory), investment management or group finance (accounting) capacity, this survey is not relevant.

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