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May 23, 2024

Solar farm project finance modelling test available for download

Enhance Your Interview Prep with Our New Financial Modelling Test

For many employers, financial modelling tests are a pivotal part of the hiring process, serving as a key tool in evaluating candidates’ skills and decision-making abilities.

At Numbers Executive, we frequently receive requests from professionals seeking sample tests to hone their skills and understand what to expect in these assessments.

We are excited to announce that we now offer an exclusive financial modelling test on our website, developed in collaboration with our partners at Sumproduct.

This test is freely available for download on our resources page. Upon completion, we also provide a best-practice solution to help you refine your approach and improve your performance.

The test assesses your ability to build a comprehensive financial model for a solar farm development project. The scenario involves constructing an annual financial model that captures the various aspects of the project, such as construction costs, financing, operations, revenue projections, and cash flow analysis.

The question provides detailed information about the project, such as the construction timeline, asset costs, loan terms, energy generation estimates, revenue projections, operating costs, capital expenditures, tax implications, and economic assumptions. Your task is to create a financial model that accurately reflects these details and calculates the present value of equity over the first ten years of the project’s life.

Visit our resources page today to access this invaluable tool and take the next step in your career preparation!