For the working mum....

Work, Kids, Life, where's my balance?

The juggle, the struggle, it’s real and it’s compounded when it’s school holidays. How do we do it? Why do we do it? Because we love them and we love what we do of course ;-)

Whether you’re a single parent powerhouse or a working and parenting duo, finding the right balance is a challenging feat and one I’m certainly yet to achieve.

So here we are embarking on a new working year and I find myself asking the question; how am I going to achieve what I need to this year and still be emotionally, mentally and physically present for my kids? Perhaps more importantly, how will I find my sense of balance, calm and control whilst juggling my two most important, competing priorities?

The plan is certainly not foolproof, but you have to start somewhere...

  • I will think in advance about my day, my week and my month and I will make it count. I’ll think about yours too. I will plan, list, diarise, prioritise, outsource and not waste precious time by being disorganised
  • I will use my commute to the office from kinder/daycare and home again more effectively; a perfect time to catch up on feedback, schedule meetings and return calls
  • I will switch off and switch on when I walk through that door – I am yours, you have 100% of my attention let’s enjoy dinnertime, bathtime, bedtime - together. It’s chaotic, sometimes nasty, but it’s our time. I can check back in once you’re asleep
  • I will declutter my life and say goodbye to anything that drains me
  • I will not feel guilty about saying “no” and I will take responsibility and commit to the things that matter for me, for my work and for our family
  • I will make some time for me and I’ll put that in the diary too. Friends, hubby, fitness, wine, yoga.

Reading the above, it sounds like I’ve written a very long new year’s resolution list. Perhaps I have. Let’s hope it saves me from going bush, or coastal, or heaven forbid, postal!

Work, kids, life, balance…let's go 2017!