Searching for talent in numbers?

If you’re an employer of people in the numbers game, we’d like an opportunity to work with you.

We understand the rewards a high performing team can offer your organisation and recognise regardless of market volatility, you’re always looking to hire the best.

At Numbers Executive our primary objective is to connect our clients with the best talent available.

We achieve this through executive recruitment, targeted search and selection and interim and contract appointments.

As seasoned finance and recruitment professionals, we bring years of knowledge, practical insight and most importantly, our network to every recruitment process.

What we stand for at Numbers Executive

We are committed to developing long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our selected clients.

We strive to be viewed as respected, straight talking advisers who provide direct, truthful feedback and quality market insight.

We prioritise those clients who allow Numbers the time, consideration and exclusivity to undertake a thorough search process. 

We take pride in delivering a tailored, end to end recruitment service and value clients who are prepared to invest in this process.

We do our best to ensure that every appointment we’re involved in results in a positive return on investment for our clients.

To learn more about how we operate visit Our Focus and Our Process.