The Numbers Theory

As professionals with experience on both sides of the recruitment table, we’re passionate about what differentiates a good recruiter and recruitment firm, from the rest. Instilling professionals and employers with confidence in our process and leaving them satisfied with the outcome is our top priority.

Whether you’re a professional investing your time or an employer investing both time and money, our objective is to ensure the highest return on your investment. We aim to achieve this by acting under the following operating principles:

Act with Honesty

Numbers don’t lie and neither do we.  Finance and accounting professionals value numbers for their clear-cut and transparent attributes.  We strive to deliver our service in a similar way, with straight talking consultants, who act with honesty and professional integrity.

Be Knowledgeable

As a service provider, we must possess an intimate knowledge of the employers and professionals we act for in order to represent them in the best possible light.  It is also imperative to impress upon them our extensive market knowledge gained through our many years of experience.

Be Responsive

We believe it’s important to be available to employers and professionals at all times and to respond to all requests in a timely and effective manner.

Promote Analysis

We take pride in offering a tailored, end to end recruitment service.  We both prioritise and value employers that offer our team the time and information needed to undertake a thorough executive appointment process.

Ensure Efficiency through Best Practice

We have invested in our systems from day one.  With best practice process, infrastructure and standards in place we are confident that those who engage Numbers Executive will receive a first class service and delivery.